Samsung trolls Apple for something it did this year! See this latest advertisment

Samsung trolls Apple again for the iPhone 14 Pro, saying it sells the same phone again and again.

Samsung just can’t get enough of trolling Apple this year! It was only last week when Samsung in one of its ads trolled Apple for not innovating much. Samsung was bold enough to say – innovation is coming to a phone near you, just not in an iPhone. While this was a hilarious and spicy dig at Apple, Samsung is now back at trolling Apple once again for the iPhone 14, now that we know what this phone offers. In fact, Samsung piggybacked on all the memes trolling the iPhone 14 for being the same as iPhone 13.

The latest advertisement from Samsung now shows how its foldable phone is a “new” phone compared to the “same old phone” from Apple. The advert, titled “Samsung Galaxy: Join the Flip Side”, suggests how iPhone users are usually fascinated by a phone that folds shut into half. The ad eventually goes on to show how the woman gets obsessed by the idea of a folding smartphone and eventually switches over to the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Samsung trolls iPhone again

However, in the advert, Samsung blames Apple for selling the same phone again and again, all the while showing how its Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a new phone. We recently reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and while the phone is fun to use, it is largely similar to the Galaxy Z Flip 3 from last year, which was a mildly updated variant of the Galaxy Z Flip from the year before. Samsung then, is guilty of doing the same thing it trolls Apple for!

Nonetheless, it is this friendly banter between these multinational firms that keeps us fans and consumers entertained. At the same time, it also creates healthy competition between these two, which also contributes to the benefits for consumers.

Coming back to Apple, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are the two new iPhones that come with the real upgrades this year. The biggest change is the Dynamic Island – a clever software feature that masks the camera and sensor cutouts cleverly, and utilizes it to aid better multitasking. The iPhone 14 Pro also brings a higher resolution 48MP camera to the iPhone lineup for the first time, while Samsung offers 108MP camera on its Galaxy S22 Ultra and is aiming for a 200MP sensor on the next model.


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