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Starryai Is An AI Art Generator App For Android & iPhone — How It Works

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Artificial intelligence-generated art is becoming quite popular these days, and there are already quite a number of mobile apps for both iPhone and Android, like Starryai, for those who want to get in on the trend. It’s a third-party website that lets people design images they want to create by using descriptive words for the AI to use as a starting point for the transformation. It also has a mobile app for Android and iOS, which makes it easier for users to create and share creations on the go.

The idea of using AI generators to produce conceptual art has been around for quite some time. However, thanks to projects like DALL-E mini, the concept that under normal circumstances would be perceived as something seriously cool quickly became the diving board for addicting meme creation. People familiar with the fad would type absurd design idea prompts, resulting in the most ridiculous and highly entertaining design mashups.

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Starryai has emerged as one of the best and most user-friendly options to try out in the middle of all this AI-generated art phenomenon. Users can simply visit the website and start creating images right through the online portal, but the ideal way to explore the service is by downloading one of the mobile apps. New users get a maximum of five image creation credits right off the bat, which can be replenished daily or by purchasing more credits through the app. To begin creating AI-generated art, tap ‘Enter a prompt’ and pick one of two AI styles. Next, type the desired phrase or descriptive keywords for the AI to derive inspiration. Absolutely anything can be typed in as a design prompt — even emojis! — so, this would be an excellent opportunity to think out of the box and let unique ideas fly. Finally, hit ‘Create,’ confirm the request,and wait for the app to turn the words entered into a beautiful picture.

More Starryai Features That’ll Improve AI-Generated Art

Users who simply want to check what the Starryai app’s AI can do based on the provided prompt can opt to type in keywords and nothing else to create an image. However, using the app’s many fun features can improve the result in many ways. For example, while on the ‘Enter Prompt’ page, tap ‘Add Styles’ to slap on funky filters, such as ‘Speed Painting’ or ‘Pop Art.’ Users familiar with fine art can even venture into the ‘In the style of’ or ‘Movements’ tabs to apply popular artists’ methods and notable art periods to their creations. Finally, hit ‘Made of’ or ‘Medium’ to modify the art materials used.

There’s a choice to add another idea prompt to combine more elements into one AI-generated image, as well as the option to upload an image for the AI to use as a basis for the art. Both can be found by pressing the ‘Advanced Options’ button. This is where users can also modify the canvas size, assign a higher runtime number, so the AI can produce a more developed art piece, and pick whether the AI uses real-life images or artworks as design inspiration. Naturally, maximizing all these Starryai features and tweaking the settings will significantly affect how long the app takes to generate art, so be prepared to wait for the final product.

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