Best emulators for Android 2022

Avatar: Generations Soft Launch Coming This August on iOS and Android

Coming to four territories during its initial launch. Publisher Square Enix London Mobile and partner studio 

The Android banking Trojan SOVA is back and sporting updated capabilities 

Novel Ransomware Comes to the Sophisticated SOVA Android Banking Trojan

Android 12’s distribution number ahead of Android 13 debut is… not great

For the longest time, Google didn’t seem particularly bothered by what many characterized as a big Android fragmentation issue

Have you ever played a game where you just go, “Damn, this would’ve been amazing on mobile.

CrossCode Android fan port brings an amazing JRPG to mobile

At the start of this month, Google updated the Android distribution numbers to reveal that Android 12 is running on 13.3% of devices

Android 12 is running on over an eighth of all devices

Free apps for Android & iOS: These Pro versions are currently free

Once again this week, apps and games for both Android phones and iPhones are available to download for free for a limited time only.

The upcoming Android 13 stable release will hit Google Pixel phones first, but Samsung’s hard at work adapting the newest version of everybody’s favorite mobile 

Android 13 for the masses

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Google starts Street View in India with local partners after policy change