Nikki Bella Talks Competing in Golf Special 'Nickelodeon Slime Cup' (Exclusive)

Nikki Bella is known for being a WWE Superstar who has brought home various titles in her vocation.

Yet, fans will see her contending in an alternate game on Saturday as she partakes in a golf occasion Nickelodeon Slime Cup.

In a selective meeting with, Bella discussed her experience contending in the occasion.

"Goodness my golly. One, just such a lot of tomfoolery, and most certainly a golf competition that has been 'Nickefied,' if you catch my drift," Bella solely told PopCulture.

 "You can anticipate a ton of ooze, loads of tomfoolery, particularly in the event that you love all the different Nickelodeon shows and characters.

They generally show signs of life at various openings and it's loads of tomfoolery. On the off chance that you partake in the sport of golf and you appreciate fun, sludge, Nickelodeon,

Bella is one of the numerous big names who contended in Slime Cup. 

She is in the Pink Team which additionally incorporates Nickelodeon star Isaiah Crews and golf proficient Justin Thomas.

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