Jul 2022


Monsons will have a bad impacton skin and hair because of the humid air and pollutants

Problems and solutions

But you can still keep hair and scalp health during the season with afew hair care suggestions.

Frizzy hair 

Hair tends to look frizzy and untidy inthe monsoon season because of thehumidity in the air.

Oiling -

Regularly oiling the scalp and hairimproves blood stream and actsas a protecting coating.

UV damage -

UV radiation cannot only cause terriblehair damage but can also alter itscolour and texture.

Mind the solar -

Use sunscreen on your hairline, anduse an umbrella at the same time as going out toblock UV radiation.

Dandruff -

Dandruff is one of the maximum commonscalp issues one has to face,in particular during monsoons.

Medicated shampoos -

Using medicated shampooscontaining ketoconazole, seleniumsulphide and so on assist combat dandruff.

Fungal contamination -

Fungal infections of the scalp can bea hassle if hair and scalp hygiene isnow not maintained

Anti-fungal lotion -

Using prescribed antifungal lotions toclean the scalp will assist preventfungal infections.

Heading 3

Dull hair -

Hair can lose its lustre throughout themonsoon due to it turning intodry and frizzy.

Apple cider vinegar -

Half a cup of apple cider vinegar; diluted with a cup of water can assist repair the lustre

Image Source: iStock

Image Source: iStock

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