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Summary Of Date 1 Of Under-20 Women’s World Cup Costa Rica 2022

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Japan defeated the Netherlands and South Korea worked their way up against Canada, in addition to Ghana and the United States’ victories over Brazil and Spain. It was date 1 of the Under-20 World Cup.

On this Wednesday the Under-20 Women’s World Cup Costa Rica 2022 begins. With 16 teams, and Colombia and Brazil as representatives of South America, Date 1 was played perfectly and had many surprising results. We review the details of Debut Day here.

For Group A, Australia beat local Costa Rica 3–1, with goals from penalties by Sarah Hunter (37′), Brylyh Henry (38′) and Kirsty Fenton (72′). Tiko discount was converted by Alexandra Pinel (19′) and it was a great goal. Meanwhile, Mexico and New Zealand leveled 1-1 with goals from Grace Wisniewski (30′) and Annette Vasquez (45′).

In Group B, Colombia gave the first surprise by defeating Germany 1-0 in the debut match. Mariana Munoz scored the only goal on 87 minutes. The match was followed by a goalless draw between Brazil and Spain, who are the two big favourites.

Similarly, in Group C of the Under-20 World Cup, Nigeria beat France by minimum account with a goal from Florish Chioma Substine (85′). In addition, South Korea beat Canada 2–0, with goals from Ha-Yon Mun (62′) and Brooklyn Courtnall scoring their own 52′ goals.

Finally, in Group D, the United States defeated Ghana 3–0 with goals from Michelle Cooper (11′), Alyssa Thompson (38′) and Alison Santner (51′). Japan beat the Netherlands 1-0 with a goal from Yuzuki Yamamoto (23′).

Programming Date 2nd Under-20 World Cup

Saturday 8/13 13:00 | Germany vs New Zealand
Saturday 13/8 16:00 | Brazil vs Australia
Saturday 13/8 19:00 | Mexico vs Colombia
Saturday 8/13 22:00 | Costa Rica vs Spain

Sunday 14/8 13:00 | Japan vs Ghana
Sunday 14/8 16:00 | South Korea vs Nigeria
Sunday 14/8 19:00 | United States vs Netherlands
Sunday 14/8 22:00 | Francia vs Canada

The U-20 Women’s World Cup Costa Rica 2022 is broadcast in full on DirecTV Sports in Latin America.

Photo: FIFA

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