NearPay Launches Virtual Crypto Cards and Wallet Apps for

– Advertisement – Lisbon, Portugal, Aug. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NearPay, a crypto finance protocol, has officially launched virtual crypto cards and its Wallet for iOS and Android to bring the modern digital banking experience to the world of crypto.  NearPay Wallet is now available on all platforms, including Web, iOS and Android. With … Read more

Why You Probably Should Stop Using Battery Saver Apps On Android

– Advertisement – In terms of optimizing your system’s power efficiency, you should be able to get away with activating your phone’s Battery Saver mode. This isn’t too different from the iPhone’s equivalent Low Power Mode. That said, on all Android phones running the latest operating system, you should be able to visit the menu … Read more

Why Mobile Bitcoin Trading Apps Are Convenient For Beginners

– Advertisement – Digital currency is having a moment. There are several waves of new digital currencies cropping up every year. These currencies can be purchased with fiat currency or digital currency. More people than ever before are looking to digital currencies as a way to get their money in order and make transactions more … Read more

Best Find My Phone Apps To Track Your Android Device

– Advertisement – With the increasing popularity of Android smartphones, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of phone thefts and misplacements. In most cases, these incidents occur when the phone is left unattended in public places. In other cases, phones are stolen outright, often by pickpockets or thieves who break into cars … Read more

Google Drive: steps to create a copy of a file from Android | apps | nnda | nnni | SPORT-PLAY & More Latest News Here

– Advertisement –   google drive It has multiple features that help users to customize any document in no time. Among the most outstanding options is that of being able to create a copy of a file and thus make modifications without altering the original. If you have a android cell phoneyou can apply this … Read more

Android warning: Avoid these 35 dangerous Google Play Store apps

– Advertisement – Android users are being warned to check their devices for 35 malicious Google Play Store apps. Researchers at cybersecurity experts BitDefender said these nasty apps are capable of delivering unwanted ads to your Android phone, and that millions of people have already downloaded the apps from the Google Play Store. Despite the … Read more

10 Best Radio Apps For Android In 2022

– Advertisement – Radio giant Audacy recently purchased the podcast discovery app Moonbeam to help rejuvenate their podcast technology and be more appealing to users (via The Verge). With the podcast boom in recent years, Audacy is looking to take advantage of Moonbeam’s social media-esque interface, which is inspired by Tik Tok, to draw podcast … Read more

Top 10 most privacy-invasive educational apps on Android

– Advertisement – While it is not secret that app manufacturers collect insights and information about their users, it is a much bigger issue among educational apps since they are highly used by children. As study season is approaching, the Atlas VPN team decided to look at the privacy of 50 popular educational apps and … Read more

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