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Here’s what OnePlus has to say about OnePlus 10T bend test

TL;DR OnePlus has issued a response after the OnePlus 10T failed a YouTuber’s bend test. The company says that the OnePlus 10T met or exceeded durability testing in its labs. OnePlus phones made headlines last week once again when the OnePlus 10T was subjected to a barrage of durability tests by prominent YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. …

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NFT Lending Protocol Bend DAO Proposes New Measures against Bankruptcy Crisis

Subject to the bankruptcy crisis caused by depleted Ethereum reserves, NFT lending protocol Bend DAO has proposed new emergency measures pending a governance vote. The NFT lending protocol provides asset collateral for NFT holders by using their NFT assets as collateral to borrow ETH. When someone deposits an NFT into BendDAO, they can borrow up …

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