Android Police’s celebration of smartphone cameras

– Advertisement – Mobile Photography Week is here, and we’ll teach you how to better use your smartphone’s camera Quick Links Printing photo books with Google Photos: 6 tips to make your albums shine Welcome to Mobile Photography Week 2022 at Android Police. Throughout this week, we’ll be bringing you various articles about the state … Read more

What’s the difference between OIS and EIS on my phone’s cameras?

– Advertisement – With an almost identical specs sheet among most flagships, smartphone companies are looking at software and cameras to differentiate their offerings from rivals. Instead of glancing over how many cameras and megapixels the company has packed, check for important details like the type of stabilization on the main shooter. Terms like OIS, … Read more

Is this the end of compact cameras? Nikon and Panasonic stop development

– Advertisement – Nikon and Panasonic have confirmed that they will no longer be developing entry level point and shoot cameras. Instead, both companies will be focusing more on their more expensive line of mirrorless cameras and lenses.  It comes as no real surprise, since the best camera phones (opens in new tab) are now … Read more

Lomography’s new 35mm Beach Edition cameras with flash are super cute!

– Advertisement – Vacations just got even more groovy with these super-cute, beach design-inspired 35mm cameras from experimental photography brand, Lomography. Designed with unique deckchair fabric, cut from a different piece of cloth and totally exclusive, no two cameras in Lomography’s new Acapulco Beach Edition range are the same. • Make sure to pick up the … Read more

Film cameras are coming back. Let’s look at Voigtlander

– Advertisement – I’ve always been an optics junkie, and the years haven’t softened my enthusiasm, especially for German optics. Nothing allows you to gather as much information as your sense of sight, and anything you can use to enhance that sense certainly seems worth pursuing. And what do we really know about history prior … Read more

This $12 iPhone app gives you remote focus and LiDAR autofocus on your Blackmagic cameras

– Advertisement – No matter what camera you use, the ability to focus remotely is a wonderful thing. And if you’re filming yourself, it can often be invaluable. I’ve spoken about it before in the Weebill 2 Pro Plus Kit review. And while I tend to avoid it when shooting video, I’m not to big … Read more

The Best Superzoom Cameras for 2022

– Advertisement – We believe that a camera should be able to take great photos without you having to think about it. That’s why we’ve evaluated and picked our superzoom cameras based on a rigid and well-sorted-out process. First of all, we have chosen superzoom cameras with high-quality lenses, which will help you get the … Read more

In Conversation With CEO of Superhexa, the Xiaomi-Backed Firm Shaping the Future of Cameras

– Advertisement – A two-hour interview at the Beijing headquarters of Superhexa with its founder and CEO offers much enlightenment, and might resonate among hardware geeks, tech entrepreneurs and realistic visionaries. Xia Yongfeng, an automation graduate of Beihang University, previously known as Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, began his career as a magazine journalist … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 unveiled with better cameras, refined design

– Advertisement – This comment section is an absolute mess. Which is what I excpected, honestly. Time to add my opinion to the pile. I don’t think this is bad and that simple updates are okay, but I feel like they could’ve also done a bit more. Yes, this is essentially a Fold3 with new … Read more

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