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Rockstar Details GTA V Upgrades for PS5, Xbox Series Consoles

We already knew that Grand Theft Auto V was going to be a 4K experience running at 60fps on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, but Rockstar has now gone into much more detail on the improvements made as well as confirming the release dates. Both GTA V and GTA Online will launch digitally on March …

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‘GTA Online’ Being Called “Unplayable” On Previous-Gen Consoles

Check out this incredible mod which adds The Boys’ Homelander into GTA V. I say some players, because it seems to be previous-gen console owners who are experiencing issues. Those playing GTA Online on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have reported experiencing pop-in, bad textures, glitches, and lags. Taking to Reddit, user Cruddzoy wrote, …

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Rockstar Offers Update on GTA V and Online on Next-Gen Consoles: Release Date, Features, and More

Accompanied by the bombshell announcement of Rockstar confirming development on the next GTA game, there was also a small community update regarding the next generation of Grand Theft Auto V/Online. Rockstar has confirmed that the next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto V, dubbed the ‘Expanded and Enhanced’ edition, will be coming out on March 15, …

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