Descenders Launches on Mobile Devices, Sells Well on Android – Phandroid

– Advertisement – A while back, we mentioned that “Descenders,” a downhill freeriding action game from Noodlecake Studios and No More Robots studios, was making its way to mobile gaming platforms this year, following the title’s earlier release on other systems like Nintendo Switch and PC. The game has since been launched and is now … Read more

Descenders brings downhill BMX action buried behind frustrating controls to Android

– Advertisement – Descenders meshes roguelike, arcade-style structure with BMX downhill stunt racing, to largely mixed results. There’s no arguing that it’s incredibly fun to barrel down a hill at 50-60 miles per hour, but when that thrilling sense of speed comes buried under shaky controls and high-risk gameplay that yields minimal reward, it can … Read more

Descenders Mobile on Android outsells iOS release

– Advertisement – No More Robots’ recent release of Descenders Mobile is proving popular on Android. Giving you the ability to perform sick tricks wherever you go, this is a brilliant game now available on pretty much every platform.  However, with the mobile market so dependant on free-to-play games like Tower of Fantasy, is this … Read more

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