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OnePlus 10T durability test ended in disaster just like the 10 Pro

What you need to know The OnePlus 10T failed during a bend test by  JerryRigEverything. OnePlus’ latest flagship phone snapped in half, with the camera module exhibiting the weakest spot. The OnePlus 10 Pro did not survive the same durability test as well. The OnePlus 10T no doubt takes after the 10 Pro in terms …

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2011 disaster an inspiration for life-saving app for mountaineers

FUKUOKA–Yoshihiko Haruyama’s experiences, which may appear erratic, all came together to create a smartphone app that has captured a top market share in the field of mountaineering and other outdoor activities. The app, called Yamap, allows its users to know precisely where they are on a map, even when they are outside the coverage areas …

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