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export: Engineering goods exports slump in July, shipments to China continued decline

Weak demand primarily from China and Europe slowed down India’s engineering goods exports drastically in the month of July 2022. India’s engineering goods exports recorded a meagre 0.20% year-on-year growth in July, reveals data compiled by EEPC India from Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCI&S) and Quick Estimates published by the Government of …

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Engineering enzymes to help solve the planet’s plastic problem

To test their platform, they went on to develop a new enzyme, HotPETase, through the directed evolution of IsPETase. IsPETase is a recently discovered enzyme produced by the bacterium Ideonella sakaiensis, which can use PET as a carbon and energy source.  While IsPETase has the natural ability to degrade some semi-crystalline forms of PET, the …

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