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Get ready for the iMacs: HP launches an All in One of… 34 inches and 5K! | gadgets & More Latest News Here

  The iMacs are a reference in the market for All-in-Onebut it has rivals that stand up to them and offer products that are of excellent quality and, in addition, it has spectacular power. An example is hp that has just announced a new Windows computer that has nothing to envy to what Apple puts …

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5 defunct photo gadgets that flopped

Just four months after launching, Snap (the company formerly known as Snapchat) has grounded its Pixy selfie drone. The diminutive $230 drone got middling reviews and suffered from low presales. Somewhat understandably, given the current economic climate, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel told staff that future development was being halted as “part of broader reprioritization of …

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Android Gadgets Weekly: HP Pavillion All-in-One PC, Sony 4K TV and more

Android Gadgets Weekly: Android Gadgets Weekly: Technology companies such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola and Ambrane among others launched a new line of computers, smartphones, earphones, related accessories and more this week (August 8-14).DH’s Gadgets Weekly edition lists the latest personal technology products to keep you abreast of everything that’s happening in the world of consumer …

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