How to download and update Minecraft on all platforms (2022)

Minecraft is a popular game that is constantly getting updates and making improvements. Players can build almost anything in the worlds they create. With so many people wanting to play Minecraft, downloading it is the first step in the process, and players need to keep it updated to get all the new features. Here is … Read more

Minecraft Preview includes plenty of fixes ahead of ‘The Wild Update’ release

What you need to know Minecraft 1.19 “The Wild Update’ is slated for its official release on June 7, 2022. Mojang Studios is working on final polish for the update, and testing these fixes through snapshots and previews. Minecraft Preview is now available with dozens of additional fixes and improvements. Players can access the … Read more

How To Download Minecraft 1.18.31 On Android?

One of the most popular games on the internet, Minecraft keeps releasing various updates and new versions of its game over the year, with bug fixes, in-game enhancements and whatnot. Minecraft today is compatible with various devices, be it a PC, mobile, console or others. The game’s latest version, Minecraft 1.18.31, was recently made public … Read more

How to Restore a Deleted World in Minecraft

If your Minecraft world has been deleted, we feel your pain. You’ve spent hours building, exploring, and perfecting your world only to see it disappear due to hardware failure, corrupted files, or accidental deletion.  Unfortunately, if you didn’t back up your world, there’s nothing you can do to retrieve it. But here’s how you can … Read more

Minecraft: Education Edition mobile is “available to everyone”

Minecraft is a wonderfully versatile sandbox game, but perhaps one of its most interesting uses is for education – and now, the Minecraft: Education Edition mobile version is set to help many more teachers around the world, as it’s now “available to everyone” in open beta. If you’re not aware, this version of Minecraft is designed to help … Read more