New Sackboy Game Spotted on Google Play – Phandroid

– Advertisement – We’ve seen no shortage of popular video game characters make their way over to smart devices, with the likes of Mario, Sonic, and even Crash Bandicoot each getting their own mobile game spin-offs. With that said, it seems that Sony’s very own Sackboy – the star of its “Little Big Planet” series … Read more

Pay just $12 for lifetime license for Microsoft Windows 10, $25 for Office! – Phandroid

– Advertisement – School is starting again which means that students are going back to classes, whether in-person or online. For some students, it also means getting a new computer for their studies or maybe to while away their time in their dorm rooms playing video games, chatting with friends and family members, and so … Read more

Descenders Launches on Mobile Devices, Sells Well on Android – Phandroid

– Advertisement – A while back, we mentioned that “Descenders,” a downhill freeriding action game from Noodlecake Studios and No More Robots studios, was making its way to mobile gaming platforms this year, following the title’s earlier release on other systems like Nintendo Switch and PC. The game has since been launched and is now … Read more

Reverse image search on Google is now more difficult to access – Android – Phandroid

– Advertisement – Android – Phandroid : It used to be that if you wanted to reverse image search an image on Google, all you’d need to do is right-click the image and search. These days, Google is seemingly making the feature harder to access as they have replaced it with Google Lens, which is … Read more

Nokia-Branded Game Controller Spotted Online – Android- Phandroid

– Advertisement – Android- Phandroid – Nokia isn’t particularly known for producing gaming phones, much less gaming accessories. But that doesn’t seem to have stopped the telecommunications giant from trying. New information online points to the existence of an upcoming game controller bearing the Finnish brand’s banner. A BT SIG certificate spotted by the good … Read more

How to Use the “Camouflage” Tool on Your Pixel Phone – Phandroid

– Advertisement – For a lot of Android enthusiasts, it goes without saying that the camera is often the most impressive component of a Google Pixel phone. Optimized software and computational photography have enabled the Pixel phones to capture great-looking shots, even with “low-end” camera hardware. This is most evident in the new Pixel 6a, … Read more

Google Gives Updates on its New “Meet” App – Phandroid

– Advertisement – A couple of months ago, we mentioned that Google will be making major changes to its Meet and Duo communication platforms, and will be merging them into one primary app. Essentially, Google will be bringing over features from Meet – which was introduced back in 2020 – and combining them with Duo … Read more

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