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Beauty products retailer to pay $1.2M to settle Calif. privacy charges

Beauty products retailer Sephora Inc. will pay $1.2 million to settle charges it violated the California Consumer Privacy Act, the California attorney general’s office said Wednesday. California AG Rob Bonta said in a statement that Sephora, whose U.S. headquarters is in San Francisco, failed to disclose to consumers it was selling their personal information and …

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85% of Android users are concerned about privacy

Google’s security guidelines also drew the majority of this year’s requests in apps, according to Kaspersky’s Privacy Checker website. Image: Adobe Stock Eighty-five percent of users are most interested in finding out how to set up privacy settings for services on Android, according to data collected by Kaspersky’s Privacy Checker website. Must-read security coverage Kaspersky …

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In-app browsers like those in Facebook are a big privacy risk

One of the more annoying things some apps do is incorporate their own in-app browser, opening that for web links instead of respecting your chosen default browser. This has long been a nuisance, but a developer has now explained the security risks of doing so, especially when dealing with companies not noted for their privacy …

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