Book Review: The Gentrification Plot: New York and the Postindustrial Crime Novel by Thomas Heise

– Advertisement – In The Gentrification Plot: New York and the Postindustrial Crime Novel, Thomas Heise investigates gentrification in New York City through the lens of crime fiction. Offering a street-level perspective of the impact of urban renewal projects, this book provides precious insight into contemporary socio-spatial transformations, writes Francesca Cocchiara. The Gentrification Plot: New York and the Postindustrial Crime … Read more

Elly Awesome Nothing Phone (1) review: Display, features, camera, price

– Advertisement – There’s a new mobile phone brand on the market called Nothing. And it’s OK if you’ve heard nothing about it – because I’m about to tell you everything you need to know. Nothing has just launched its first Android smartphone called the Nothing Phone (1). It began gaining a reputation as ‘a … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro Review: The Apple Watch for Android

– Advertisement – The 44-mm Watch5 usually hovered around 20 percent after I woke up the next day, and that’s with two auto-tracked walks, checking and responding to notifications, GPS navigation when I rode my electric scooter, and sleep tracking. Thirty minutes of charging from 20 percent brought it up to 70 percent, which is … Read more

Realme Pad X review: Big-screen tablet with something in store for everyone

– Advertisement – Tablets were conceived as devices that fit somewhere in between smartphones and laptops. However, most current age tablets, especially in the budget and midrange segment, ended up being big screen versions of smartphones. It is not a bad thing, but some novelty for differentiation, especially to do things that are otherwise … Read more

ColorOS 13 review: The Oppo interface based on Android 13

– Advertisement – ColorOS 13, Oppo ‘s new interface based on Android 13 is available globally since August 18th. We were able to test the new mobile OS on the Oppo Find X5 Pro and here is our review on the design and features of this overlay that succeeds ColorOS 12. Jump to: ColorOS 13: Design For ColorOS 13, … Read more

Nokia 5.4, Android 12 review : General overview and Imaging Performance

Introduction The Nokia 5.4 which was released in December 2020 with Android 10 onboard has started to receive the final major Android upgrade. In my previous video, I had shared my experience of getting the update via the VPN method. While this method works for some, there are a few who could not get it … Read more

Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro review: The best Android watch gets a modest update

– Advertisement – Image Credit: Cherlynn Low / Engadget Health and activity tracking Samsung has also long been better than most Wear OS watches at monitoring your activity, and the Watch 5 is no different. When I was stuck at my desk for hours on end pounding out this review, it reminded me to get … Read more

Android Auto Is About to Get a Lot Better for Car Rentals – Review Geek

– Advertisement – Google There’s nothing worst than renting or borrowing a friend’s car, using Android Auto, then forgetting to remove all your contacts, messages, and information. That situation is even worse with Android Automotive OS that integrates with the in-car infotainment system on many newer vehicles. Android Auto and the Android Automotive OS are … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 review: Ultimate Android

– Advertisement – Few smartphones can be considered unique these days, and even fewer have an experience as honed in as what the Galaxy Z Fold 4 delivers. On paper, it looks like little more than a marginal improvement over last year’s device. It’s a little slimmer, lighter, shorter, and wider. It’s got a faster … Read more

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