Android Auto Receiver lets you run Android Auto on an Android Automotive head unit

– Advertisement – Android Automotive 13, the latest version of Google’s OS for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, is here. It brings several behind-the-scenes improvements to the camera subsystem, car framework, connectivity, privacy, and more. One of the changes listed as part of the connectivity improvements recently confirmed that Google enabled the Gabeldorsche Bluetooth stack by … Read more

Skyline Nintendo Switch emulator manages to run Super Mario Odyssey on Android

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The Pixel Tablet might run a 64-bit-only version of Android

– Advertisement – TL;DR The upcoming Pixel Tablet might run a 64-bit-only flavor of Android 13. The news was spotted in Google’s own code review resources. Google revealed the existence of the Pixel Tablet back in May 2022, although the slate is only set to launch in 2023. Nevertheless, it’s still noteworthy as it’s the … Read more

How to run Android apps on Windows 11: A detailed guide

– Advertisement – Windows 11 launched on October 5 after spending months in beta. However, the launch version of Windows 11 came without one of the most-anticipated features — native Android emulation allowing users to run Android apps on their PCs. Microsoft had then said it would be testing the feature soon and releasing it … Read more

Galaxy Z Fold4 is the first to run Android 12L straight out of the box

– Advertisement – Google surprised everyone when it announced Android 12L, shortly after the Android 12 rollout. It was the first “incremental” update to an Android version in years. It was common behavior for Google of launching incremental versions like Android 4.4.1, Android 5.1.1, Android 8.1 and etc. However, this changed with Android 9 Pie, … Read more

Apple’s Chart-Topping Run Gets a Boost From individual investors

Apple’s Chart-Topping Run Gets a Boost From individual investors

– Advertisement – Apple Inc. is back in a familiar role as market leader after a painful first half of the year that saw hundreds of billions of dollars in market value disappear, and individual investors are a big reason for the rally. Apple Inc. is back in a familiar role as market leader after … Read more

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