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Tamil-Telugu actress raises #MeToo allegations against ‘Padavettu’ executive producer Bibin Paul, says she stopped pursuing roles in Malayalam cinema | Malayalam Movie News

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Five months after the arrest of ‘Padavettu’ director Liju Krishna for the alleged rape, yet another woman, an actress, has raised #MeToo allegations against a crew member of the film. A young actress, who currently works in Tamil and Telugu movies has raised allegations against Bibin Paul, the executive producer of ‘Padavettu’. The woman has anonymously posted a note on Women Against Sexual Harassment Facebook page, recalling the ordeal she had to go through when she was invited for an audition.

“Hi. I’m an actress, right now working in Tamil and Telugu movies. I’m writing this mail to share a terrible experience I had with Bibin Paul the Executive Producer of the movie “Padavettu”. Bibin had seen the pictures of mine clicked by my friend Godson and asked me to come for an audition for the lead role to Mattanur, Kannur. I flew to Kannur specifically for this audition which took place in Aroma resort. Liju Krishna the director of the movie was present there along with Bibin. Over phone he said Sunny Wayne the producer of the movie is there as well but once I reached he said he had to urgently leave for a birthday party. I gave my audition we three were talking about movies then Liju left. I was chatting with bibin then since my bus was around 9:30 at night and it was just 2.00 pm. Around 9 I asked bibin to drop me multiple times but he refused to drop sighting heavy rains as the reason then later he told me the driver is not picking up the call and I missed the bus. He booked the morn flight at 7 and promised to drop me at any cost. I felt he was genuine. after dinner we spoke for some time I went to sleep. Since there was only one room and there was no extra washroom he asked me to keep the door open. I didn’t get any doubt. I was in deep sleep and around 3 to 3:30 in the morn I felt suffocated when I opened my eyes he was on top of me I got scared and ran out of the cottage and started screaming and told him I ll wake others up he was begging me to stop and said he won’t repeat it and it happened by mistake .after that both of us didn’t sleep and morning again when I asked him to drop he told he ll book the 11:00 am flight that’s when I realised he clearly had some other intention. I just wanted to get out of there finally he had no option than to drop because I kept arguing. I left and casually whenever he msgs I give a reply. Since I woke up before he attempted anything I left it behind as a bad nightmare,” the actress said in the note.

The actress further stated that, after a month, she came to know that the casting for the particular role was already made, and Aditi Balan had roped in for the role. “After a month I discussed with a writer who works in the Malayalam industry about this and that’s when he said Adithi Balan was signed for this project atleast 6 months back. Even during a conversation between him and sunny Wayne, Sunny Wayne said he never received my profile of mine and he has no idea about it. I realised both Bibin Paul and Liju Krishna are involved in this to cheat girls, Because both had called me for partying in Bangalore multiple times and when I didn’t meet they told there is a job as an assistant director of Padavettu. I responded to him through texts regarding the unprofessionalism and outright cheating and abuse of girls.”

The actress shared that the incident has prompted her to stop pursuing roles in Malayalam movies. She also added that the recent incident of Liju Krishna getting arrested in the alleged rape case, and the survivor’s current state has prompted her to share about the ordeal she faced.

Check out the complete note here.

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