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Taopix 2022r1 – A Huge Improvement For Photo Personalisation Software

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Taopix 2022r1 has been released into the white label photo personalisation space in a bid to boost growth and revenue for e-commerce businesses. As the market leader, Taopix’s July release is set to increase profit and efficiency across the personalised gift industry through a myriad of new features, designed with B2C custom in mind.

For years, Taopix has been a trailblazer in allowing businesses to sell personalised photo products online, thanks to deeply rooted belief in the white label model allowing businesses to utilise third party software under their own brand. Previous releases include software improvements, Shopify plugin options along with Artificial Intelligence offerings to allow end users to create quality photobooks in a fraction of the time required for manual curation.

The intention behind the latest release is for Taopix customers to increase their revenue through additional upselling capabilities, reduce admin with automated workflows and to improve project design accessibility via multi-device image uploads and additional HEIC image format support, allowing photos from Apple (and other HEIC) devices to be used without any 3rd party applications to convert to Jpeg. All these additions have been created to make it easier, and thus likelier, for buyers to complete their purchase. With 69.57% of online shopping never reaching the checkout, Taopix are paving the way as a software which supports customers in overcoming typical e-commerce hurdles.

Michael Carey, Commercial Director of Taopix, states that “2022r1 is a huge release for Taopix and its global customer base. Our priority is ensuring our product supports our customer’s growth, and that is exactly what this release shall do.” He continues “Whether converting more orders with our simple ‘upload from phone’ feature or adding further value to each order with our new component upselling option, we’re sure to see customer revenue grow exponentially this peak season. To top it off, our new marketing hooks ensure the correct capture of valuable information, giving businesses a jump start in marketing for return custom.”

The release follows the 15th birthday of Taopix, which initially focussed solely on photobook software back in 2007. Innovation, research, and development have sustained Taopix as a leading software for photo personalisation across the globe, with customers across 79 countries selling an unlimited variety of personalised products online.

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