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The best MOBA games on Android in 2022

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Alongside Battle Royale, there isn’t a more popular genre that represents contemporary gaming tastes better than MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). This hybrid take on tactical gameplay usually blends real-time strategy with action-role-playing. MOBAs are far from the most accessible gaming genres, but patient gamers are rewarded with layers of gameplay depth and complexity. It helps that games like League of Legends and DOTA 2 have become synonymous with modern PC gaming and esports.

Despite using a touchscreen interface instead of mouse and keyboard, MOBAs have become increasingly popular on mobile devices. Beyond solo affairs, most of them are fun for co-op and competitive multiplayer. Some have even managed to splice in other genres as well. Filtering out the clutter on Google Play Store, we present the best ten MOBA games available on Android phones and tablets right now.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Many mobile MOBA games have taken so much inspiration from League of Legends over the decade. By the time Riot Games released a mobile edition through League of Legends: Wild Rift, it felt less like a simple port but a completely different game.

Designed to be playable on touch screens and faster-paced than its PC sibling, Wild Rift features nearly the same amount of playable champions alongside captivating visuals. Some mechanic simplifications due to the input design make this more approachable. Android users interested in the MOBA genre have a great starting point with Wild Rift.

Marvel Super War

Marvel Super War doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the MOBA genre but is still a fun comic book-inspired romp. Beyond standard fair like Rank Mode and PvE, there are other match types like Battle for Vibranium in addition to Free-for-All.

Featuring five-on-five matches set on a map based around Wakanda, there are nearly 50 selectable superheroes and villains from the Marvel Universe to choose from. Of course, they all represent various MOBA character types, from tanks to support. Those selected characters can also status augmenting Power Cores based on the Infinity Stones.

Pokémon Unite

Nintendo has spent the past decade creating mobile adaptations of their popular franchises. From Mario Kart to Fire Emblem Heroes, the Japanese giant has kept true to unique gameplay standards while maintaining accessibility. Starting with Pokémon Go, Nintendo struck gold in the mobile gaming sector with its take on the classic RPG series, and Pokémon Unite takes things into the MOBA realm. Five-on-five matches occur on Aeos Island, where trainers battle with a selection of 36 Pokémon. During battles, players score points by defeating Pokémon on the opposite team while trying to evolve their own Pokémon for more power.

Arena of Valor

Tencent’s international adaptation of Honor of Kings, Arena of Valor has evolved into one of the premiere esports games for mobile. Featuring over 100 different heroes and several modes from traditional Ranked Match to Death Match, Arena of Valor feels like one of the most feature-rich MOBA available on mobile.

There are also cool in-game collaborations with other franchises, including the DC Universe, Bleach, and even One-Punch Man. More so than many MOBAs on the list, Arena of Valor features some social aspects through guild creation and linking with friends for co-op play.

Onmyoji Arena

Onmyoji Arena is a MOBA spin-off of NetEase’s Onmyoji games featuring fairly standard takes on the genre alongside some differences, including side quests and battle passes. There are also some interesting modes, such as the chaotic 3-v-3-v-3 mode, Battle Royal mode, and Mahjong chess.

Standing out farther within the crowded mobile MOBA field, the game features a phenomenal audio/visual presentation that might push mobile device performance. The Japanese art style alone really puts Onmyji Arena in a league of its own.

Heroes Evolved

Ten million plus players make Heroes Evolved one of the most popular MOBAs for Android. Featuring over 100 heroes divided into various roles, including tank, assassin, support, and warrior, the game offers five-v-five alongside other modes.

This includes 3-v-3, 1-v-1 and even auto-chess. Beyond an efficient tutorial that’ll familiarize players with the gameplay, Heroes Evolved does a great job of placing inexperienced players with other inexperienced players. There’s also a robust social system through clan support in addition to multi-language support.

Brawl Stars

Clash of Clans creator Supercell made Brawl Stars a game for those who want to ease themselves into the MOBA genre better. Brawl Stars features several modes of play and has dozens of customizable and upgradeable heroes.

The most traditional MOBA mode is Heist, a 3-v-3 mode where each team tries to crack each other’s safe. Besides a unique art style that separates Brawl Stars from other games on this list, it also does well when taking from other genres like Battle Royal.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

The most popular and oldest mobile MOBA on the list, Mobile Legends Bang Bang has grown a huge community over the years. Featuring over 100 heroes, the game from Moonton makes getting into the action effortless with an average 10-second matchmaking wait time.

Players who get disconnected in the middle of a battle can rejoin due to a clever artificial intelligence integration. Simply put, time has allowed Mobile Legends Bang Bang to be the most polished MOBA available on Android.


Vainglory is a technical marvel across a variety of Android devices. Users with higher-end phones can enjoy nearly console-quality visuals alongside support for 120 frames per second. Behind the presentation is a feature-rich MOBA that caters to casual and competitive players with several dozen heroes stretching various role styles.

Vainglory is also one of the few mobile MOBA games to feature cross-play for multiplayer gaming through PC and Mac as well.

Battle Bay

Easily the most unique mobile MOBA on the list, Battle Bay forgoes land battles for sea warfare with boats. Developed by Angry Birds developer Rovio Entertainment, the game has players choose from various ships ranging from tank-like Defender to support-inspired Fixer that can all be upgraded or customized. There are multiple ways to play Battle Bay, including traditional five-v-five and one-v-one modes outside of custom battle.

Playing MOBAs on mobile

The MOBAs featured on this list are all free to play. However, those who want to take deep dives within the games will face microtransactions for things like extra heroes or aesthetic customization options. Thankfully, many of the multiplayer games on this list don’t require payments to have gameplay advantages over other players.

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