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This dangerous 400- feet wide asteroid just missed Earth by a whisker

Earth narrowly escapes a massive asteroid which was supposed to make its close approach earlier today, according to NASA.

The Earth has narrowly escaped yet another crisis. Earlier this week, NASA revealed that a 400-feet wide asteroid was going to make a close approach towards the Earth today, July 29, which worried the scientists for a potential asteroid strike. At its size, the asteroid could cause some serious damage if it were to hit the Earth. But luckily, the asteroid flew past our planet in the early hours. It might be too early to heave a sigh of relief however, as it turns out yet another asteroid is zooming towards us which will make its closest approach tomorrow. Read on to know more. Also read: A gigantic 600-feet wide asteroid is approaching the Earth tomorrow

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA reported on the large asteroid which flew past the Earth today. The asteroid was named 2016 CZ31. The 2016 in its name represents the year when it was first discovered. According to its trajectory prediction, the 122-meters wide asteroid made a safe passage across the planet at a distance of 2.8 million kilometers. Compared to the recent asteroids we have witnessed pass the Earth, this one was dangerously close. As a result, scientists have been keeping a close eye on it.

A large asteroid narrowly misses the Earth

According to NASA Small-Body Database, the last time this asteroid came close to the earth was in 2015, and it will not come this close till 2028. Due to its size and close proximity towards the Earth, the 2016 CZ31 has been classified as a near-Earth object (NEO). NASA currently tracks 29,000 such NEOs which fly past the Earth on a regular basis and have a potential to pose a threat to the planet in future. Also read: Awesome! NASA James Webb Telescope has less storage than the iPhone 13 Pro Max!

If this asteroid did strike the planet, a major catastrophe could have been caused. Apart from the impact destruction, which would have flattened hundreds of kilometers of area, it would have also caused shockwaves across the planet, massive earthquakes and tsunamis.

However, just because this asteroid is gone, there is no need to celebrate. Tomorrow, July 30, an even bigger asteroid is headed towards the Earth. This asteroid, named 2013 CU83 is 600-feet wide and is moving towards us at an extremely high speed. Scientists are keeping an eye on it and for now, the prediction is for a safe passage. But if the asteroid takes an unexpected deviation and moves towards the Earth, the risk would be extremely high.



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