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A few months ago we saw the arrival of the function of time travel in Google Maps. Not literally, but almost, since allows access to Street View views from previous years. However, it was reserved for web access in desktop format, so Android and iOS apps were exempt from this function.

Luckily, these days this function is already coming to the mobile app. In a staggered way, yes, since there are many streets that do appear with the previous view on the desktop, but not yet on the web. In this post we tell you how can you use this function from the mobile and no need to force the desktop mode in the browser.

How to activate the ‘old’ Street View in the Google Maps app

The first of all, and most obvious, is that you have the Google Maps application installed on your mobile. Once you have it, you just have to open it and set a locationeither through the browser or manually with the pushpin.

Once you have this, you will only have to open streetview from that street. This process is the same as always, clicking on the square with the photo of the street that appears in the lower left. Once it’s open you should click on “See more dates”.

Dates Google Maps

Activation of the historical Street View and views of the different years

Once you’ve hit that button, at the bottom all available dates will appear. You can click on them and navigate with Street View as normal, only at the selected time. Of course, you will not find stripes prior to 2008.

It can be said that there are some limitations. Some of them are more obvious, such as the fact that during navigation you are suddenly transported to the present time. This happens when you are going to go through a point where Google does not have images of the time you initially selected. We must also remember that, as we said at the beginning, at the moment the app does not have old views of all locations, unlike the desktop version.

In any case, and despite the fact that this function does not have a real use, it may be very interesting to observe the evolution of your city and/or to remember moments lived in certain places that no longer exist or to browse around seeing what the place you live in now was like if you didn’t know it in 2008.

Google Maps

Google Maps

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