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This Week Is All About Quality Over Quantity For GeForce NOW

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This week’s releases for GeForce NOW include Rumbleverse and a handful of other games. All of which are available to stream from Thursday, August 11. So long as you already own the games on their respective platforms. I.E. Steam or the Epic Games Store for example.

By all accounts, the GeForce NOW library additions this week is more about quality than quantity. While many weeks include quality games, often they’re also jampacked with some titles that just don’t feel as quality as others. This week is different. There’s only 7 new games being added. But more than half of them are excellent with a high degree of popularity.

That bodes well for anyone who subscribes to GeForce NOW and owns these games. As it means they can now play them at home or on-the-go with relative ease.

Rumbleverse isn’t the only top-tier title on GeForce Now this week

While Rumbleverse is no doubt one of the games on GeForce NOW to watch this week, it’s not the only must-have title. Another highly popular release called Cult Of The Lamb is also available as a new addition. The game released officially on August 11, and is an action roguelike where players must take on the role of a possessed lamb. Your goal is to build up a following of people that worship the person who saves you from certain death.

In addition to those two titles, there’s also Arcade Paradise, and Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus. The remaining games include Tyrant’s Blessing, Farthest Frontier, and Infinite Lagrange. Some of these are available on Steam while others are available via the Epic Games Store.

New games aren’t the only thing coming to the service this week. Apex Legends also just entered its newest season called the Hunted. GeForce NOW subscribers will have access to this content when loading the game. This new season comes with a brand-new legend – Vantage – as well as a new map, a higher level cap, and other additions. All-in-all, a good week for subscribers. It’s never been a better time to check out GeForce NOW.

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