Todays Silver Price Delhi, August 8, 2022: Check Latest Price Of Silver


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There are many buyers for silver in Delhi and it has emerged a popular investment option for score of investors. Silver price is cheaper than gold and this is the reason why it has become easier to invest in silver considering one can buy it in larger quantities without spending huge money.

Todays Silver Price Delhi, August 8, 2022: Check Latest Price Of Silver

As silver is also a precious metal, it always remains in demand. Silver is also considered to be a safe investment option in uncertain times and it has emerged as a hedge against inflation and stocks.

Silver can be classified as a commodity and tangible asset. The prices of tangible assets tend to move in the opposite direction from bonds and stocks. According to Business Insider, “For this reason, many investors turn toward commodities like silver when the stock market has a poor outlook or in times of economic recession or political turmoil. Since it’s impacted by different influences, silver can be a good way to diversify and counterbalance your portfolio vis-a-vis equities or other paper securities. ”

When it comes to the price of silver in Delhi on August 8, 2022, you need to pay Rs 574 for 10 gram of silver, Rs 5740 for 100 gram of silver, and Rs 57,400 for 1 kg of silver.

If the last 10 days price of silver in Delhi is assessed, the biggest jump in the prices of silver took place on August 5, 2022 when silver price jumped by Rs 5900. The prices fell by Rs 6200 on August 6 to settle at Rs 57400 per kg.

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