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Travel Insurance Startup Faye Named Must-Download Travel

Newark, Delaware, Aug. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As travel opens up again for most of the world after COVID 19, travel apps are becoming more and more popular. Faye was recently named one of the top must-download travel apps of 2022 by Fodor’s Travel.

As the holiday season approaches, Americans are reaching a new height of travel after the Pandemic. Many are heading out of their homes, in many cases for the first time since January 2020 to visit family, take a much-needed vacation, or go on an in-person business trip.

However, although travel has picked up, travelers are more aware of the need to take precautions — for both their trip investment and their health. After so many things happening all over the world in the last few years, people are more aware of their own safety as well as the safety of those around them.

Many are realizing the huge — yet formerly somewhat neglected — need for traveler insurance. It is an easy way to make sure you have the care you need as you travel domestically or abroad.

Travel is as important now as it ever was. It’s a necessary part of life and can greatly benefit one in learning about other cultures and lifestyles. Covid-19 may have added risks to the travel process, but many travelers are finally taking back control of their lives and are embarking on new journeys.

For many, there is a much more pressing need for travel, and life did not just stop. Many businesses are opening back up for office work, and with this movement comes the need for much-needed business trips. Companies want to update their current employees as well as conduct in-person training and onboarding processes for new employees.

Many others want to see family after so much time apart. It’s important for parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. to visit their family and possibly even meet new family members in some cases. The need to see family is as real now as ever.

Wanderlust is definitely in the air, and many simply are in the mood to travel for pleasure. After being in the comfort of their own homes for such a long stint, many are wanting to go onto new adventures to educate themselves and to clear their heads.

As the Summer months come to a close and we approach the holiday months, the desire for travel will only increase. Rather than ignoring the need, many companies are embracing the increase in the desire for travel and making accommodations even as travelers themselves educate themselves on the best way to be prepared.

We live in a modern age where technology rules. However, you cannot get the travel experience from a screen on your phone. You can, however, get the confidence you need to travel from some great online resources. Faye brings together the best of real-life experience and modern technology in a simple app.

Faye offers a new, modern take on Travel Insurance, offering whole-trip coverage and care, rather than confusing packages with fancy names. The company’s travel protection looks after your trip, your stuff, your health, and even your pet if you’re bringing Fido along for the journey.

Vice president of communications and brand, Lauren Gumport commented on the startup saying: “Our main goal is for travelers to feel safe after everything that has happened in the past few years, and as travel started opening up, we wanted to offer a new kind of travel insurance that goes the distance to give consumers that security. We at Faye believe that the role of the travel insurer is to look after you when you’re on the road. That can mean providing amazing, 100% digital insurance in which we pay claims super quickly, but it also means we look after you when you need to find a doctor, town to explore, nearest ATM or what restaurant to dine at.”

Faye has coverage for almost anything related to your travels, even before you take off. They treat Covid-19 like any other illness to ensure you are taken care of, even if you fall ill before your trip.

It also covers extra trip-expenses should you come down with Covid during your trip and need to stay some extra time. “COVID-19 is top of mind for travelers as they take to the skies. Our plans cover travelers in a variety of COVID-related scenarios, noted Gumport, including: If they bought Faye travel insurance and contract COVID-19, resulting in them having to cancel an upcoming trip; in this case Faye can cover 100% in non-refundable trip expenses like hotels and flights. Faye also covers you if you contract COVID-19 in-trip; this includes prescription drugs, hospitalization, trip extension costs and more.”

Travelers can get covered on their website, but Faye also offers an attractive, easy-to-use app. Within the app, available on both iOS and Android, you have the ability to file a claim and receive reimbursements via their secure digital payments card, Faye Wallet. There is also a chat on the app which allows you to speak to an agent at any time of day. Faye specifies on their website that they are even available on the weekends and holidays.

Said Gumport, “We wanted to make sure the app was easy to use, so that even while traveling, you can be reimbursed for common travel inconveniences like flight and baggage delays, file claims and chat with our customer experience agents. Faye is available not just when travelers need us most, but around the clock to offer tips and local suggestions to ensure you remember your trip for the right reasons.”

“Consumers’ desire to travel is stronger than ever before. And we’re right by their side the entire time to make sure they’re safe and looked after at every step of their journey,” added Gumport.

“As the world continues to open up and people venture out to see their family and take care of much-needed business travel, safety is of the utmost importance. Faye gives travelers the security of knowing that they are always covered, with a paperless, superior, person-first experience that is much more than travel insurance. That peace of mind is priceless.”

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