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Trolling and fat shaming will not overshadow Ira Khan’s sunshine! | Hindi Movie News

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Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan is an avid social media user who bares her heart on Instagram. From mushy posts to emotional talks and candid clicks – Ira’s account sheds happiness on an otherwise pessimistic social media landscape.

Recently when she stepped out with her boyfriend Nupur Shikhare, Ira was trolled for ignoring the paparazzi. Take a look at some of the unnecessary jabs she faced and our response to them:

“Khud hi bulati hain reporters. And acting dekho. I don’t care lol”


It is amusing to know that you are privy to intimate details of Ira’s lifestyle. Thanks for enlightening us through a confirmation that she personally seeks attention from the paparazzi. There are celebrities who openly reveal about their whereabouts on social media, but Ira Khan doesn’t exactly fit into that mould. Her posts on the internet may be influenced by her warmth and forthcoming personality, but she does little to flaunt her celebrity status. Your assessment seems grossly irrelevant.

“She is not happy with her dad ..”


Making that assumption from just one video of hers just proves you suffer from the classic case of joblessness. Allow us to enlighten you with the fact that Aamir and Ira share a close bond and the actor recently hosted a private pool party for his daughter’s 25th birthday. We suggest you refrain from making conjecture about other’s lives for the sake of your gossip needs.

“yeh toh tun-tun se bhi jyaada bhaisiya hai”


Fat shaming a young celebrity and calling out the late actress shows your extremely offensive disposition. Tun Tun was an actress and comedienne who commanded a lot of respect and your words for her only reflect despicable distaste. We suggest your don’t add to the already abundant social media negativity with your unwanted words.

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