UK TV actress Helen Skelton loses £70000 in bank scam; all it took was a phone call


UK TV actress Helen Skelton, lost her life savings of £70,000 in a bank scam.

Actress Helen Skelton, the former Blue Peter star, received the shock of her life, after she lost as much as £70,000 in a bank scam. Skelton revealed that she was left utterly devastated when she fell victim to a bank scam in 2019. She spoke about her experience after partnering Lloyds Bank to promote the Fraud’s No Game campaign to help parents and children to spot scammers. Talking about her son Ernie, she told The Sun, “The notion of him chatting to his mates online scares me a bit.” She said, “I don’t know that world and we’ve all heard plenty of things that could go wrong. She also said, “I mean, come on – even as adults it is so easy to fall victim to a fraudster.”

She added that she has been a victim and it makes her feel really ‘stupid’. “But it has happened to so many people who aren’t stupid,” she said. She appeared on Lorraine after the scam took place. She shared that she got a fake phone call from her bank, informing her that something bad had happened to her account. Unfortunately, Skelton revealed that she divulged a number of secret things about her account to the caller and just a week later £70,000 had gone from it. She admitted that she was distracted at the time of call and didn’t pay attention as she thought it was a genuine call from her bank.

Speaking on Lorraine, she said, “We’re not talking about little old ladies who are victims who don’t understand the internet, that’s a massively naive assumption.” She also talked about how people are embarrassed to share about such scams.

Helen Skelton family consists of three children, Ernie, Louis, and a daughter Elsie Kate. She is no longer with her husband.

How to avoid a bank scam?

This is not the only case around, online scammers apply different tricks and target users to send money or steal their banking details by making them log into suspicious sites. So, if you receive a call saying that it’s from your bank, you must immediately contact your respective bank before sharing anything. Also, don’t share your banking details like card details, account details or other information with anyone. In fact, no bank ever asks for account numbers and passwords from its customers.


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