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Want to connect your Android phone to a Windows PC? Here is how to

Connecting an Android phone to Windows PC? It is pretty easy to work on both devices in sync. You can do it with some simple tricks. Check here.

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Want to connect your Android to your PC, Mac, or Chromebook but don’t know how? You can easily connect your phone or tablet to your computer and transfer files between devices via a USB cable. If you want to connect wirelessly, you can do that as well. Microsoft and Google have enabled users to connect their Android smartphones with their Windows and sync both the devices so that they can perform tasks on any of the devices at ease. In this way, you can also get notifications from your Android smartphones on PCs. The process is pretty simple. All you have to do is download two apps — one on your Windows PC and one on your Android smartphone and then connect them using a QR code. 

Here are the things you need to keep in mind 

Download the Microsoft Phone Link on your Windows PC as well as on your Android smartphone. you can install it for free from the Microsoft Store and Google Play Store. Once done, follow this step by step guide.

How to connect Android phone to Windows PC

Time Tools Supplies
20 Minutes
Step 1:

Once you installed the above mentioned app on your Windows PC or phone, open it and sign into your Microsoft account on both the devices. Use the same account on both the devices.

Step 2:
When prompted, grant the necessary permissions on your Android smartphone.
Step 3:
As you open the Microsoft Phone Link app on your PC, you will be given two options — first to link the two devices manually and the second is using a QR code. 
Step 4:
Tap the QR code option on your PC and then accept the request to link the two devices on your phone. 
Step 5:
Next, scan the QR code and it’s done. Once the devices are connected tap on Done.

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