When Shah Rukh Khan Talked About The Regret Of Not Telling His Parents About His Love For Them


When Shah Rukh Khan Talked About The Regret Of Not Telling His Parents About His Love For Them

Shah Rukh Khan is undoubtedly one of the most successful actors in the world. However, even after achieving immense fame and money, there is one thing that the actor always misses. And it is the presence of his parents, Meer Taj Mohammed Khan and Lateef Fatima Khan in his life. The actor has, time and again, expressed his feelings about losing his parents at an early age.

Born in 1965 to Meer Taj Mohammed Khan and Lateef Fatima Khan, Shah Rukh had a simple upbringing in Delhi with his sister, Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan. Despite the financial troubles, his parents had provided him with everything they could. Shah Rukh had lost his father to cancer in 1981 and his mother passed away in 1991.

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Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan, Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan and AbRam Khan

When Shah Rukh Khan had appeared on Salman Khan’s show, Dus Ka Dum, the actor had talked about the importance of love. Shah Rukh had talked about the one regret he had after his parent’s death and had said:

“I am a father to three kids and all parents wish that their children remind them once a month, once in six months or even once in a year that I love we love you. After my parents died, I realised that I should’ve told them that I love them a few more times.”

Taj Mohammed Khan and Lateef Fatima Khan

Once for the promotions of Hichki, Rani Mukerji had asked celebrities to share the hiccups they had faced in life and Shah Rukh Khan, who is a close friend was among the first few to talk about the same. Talking about the same, he had remarked:

“My greatest ‘Hichki moment’ is the death of my parents. I was 15 when my father passed away and 26 when my mother passed away. It was very sad for us. The empty house without my parents used to come to bite us (my sister and me). The loneliness, pain and sadness of the loss of both my parents, could have been overwhelming enough to take over my life wholly. I decided to overcome this Hichki moment by letting acting fill up my entire life.”

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Shah Rukh Khan

In a throwback interview with The Times Of India, Shah Rukh Khan had spoken about visiting his late parents’ graveyard in Delhi and the fond memories he has with Delhi. Revealing why Delhi can never go out of him, Shah Rukh had said:

“Whenever I sit on a plane to come to Delhi, be it for a day or for a couple of hours, the one thought I have is that my mother and father are here. I go and visit them at the graveyard late in the night. People often tell me that I have become a Mumbaikar but I don’t know how to express but Delhi can never go out of me because my parents are here and that is the biggest memory for me.”

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan’s sister, Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan had battled depression post their parents’ demise.

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