Why should Deepika Padukone be the target for hate, just because she is married to Ranveer Singh? | Hindi Movie News

Unless you are living under a rock, you wouldn’t have missed Ranveer Singh’s bare-it-all photoshoot. He has been the topic of discussion on social media forums, coffee breaks and news channel debates ever since. But what’s been the most upsetting part of all the buzz is that some netizens have dragged his better half, Deepika Padukone into the conversation. The actress recently stepped out for a fashion run to Manish Malhotra’s house and she was subjected to uncalled-for hate by those mocking Ranveer’s nude pictures.

Here’s what trollers commented on DP’s outing and catch our reactions to the same:

“Pati ke kapde lene gaye hai”


What her husband did will go down in history but your trolling for Deepika is not going to affect her aura or allure in the slightest. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion, but why drag Ranveer’s life partner into the storm of negativity for no fault of hers?

“PPe in fashion since 2020”


Regardless of what Deepika Padukone wears, we can bet our top dollar that people like you won’t stop from spreading negativity about her. Apart from a childish attempt at trolling the actress with your comment, you are also disrespecting the efforts of frontline warriors who tirelessly wore PPE kits to brave the pandemic and save people. Trash the fashion if you want, but don’t make offensive comparisons.

“I find it very funny that we the people make these superstars famous and once they reach the fame they avoid people”


If only you had paid attention to the actress mingling with her peers and family members at a recent Konkani festival, your thoughts could have been different. Also, we wonder if you have given a thought to the possibility that Deepika could just be in a hurry to get somewhere? Superstars also need some downtime and we suggest fans like you learn to give her a break.

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