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Wordle Finds Home Inside The New York Times Crossword App

Wordle, the word puzzle game that has become a phenomenon of late, is coming to The New York Times Crossword app for Android and iOS. It joins NYT’s expansive portfolio of puzzle and guessing games, including The Crossword, The Mini, and Spelling Bee, in the app. You can also continue playing it on the web, both on mobile and desktop. Wordle is available to play within the NYT news app as well.

This development came just over a month after NYT addressed one of the most significant issues with Wordle. The company added support for cross-device syncing of streaks and stats. You need to sign in with an existing free or paid NYT account or sign up for a new one to be able to sync your game data across devices. Earlier, Wordle streaks were device-specific.

You can carry your Wordle streaks and stats to The New York Times Crossword app or the news app by signing in with the same account. This will allow you to pick up where you left off on any device.

New York Times continues to make Wordle more accessible

Wordle debuted in October last year and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. The addictive game, which you can only play once a day, became a daily obsession for many. NYT purchased the word guessing game from its creator Josh Wardle in January this year. The company has since been focusing on improving the user experience.

Shortly after the purchase, NYT moved Wordle from the original website to its own. It then added cross-device syncing of streaks and stats. The company is also preparing to launch Wordle as a physical board game in October. Called Wordle: The Party Game, NYT is working with Hasbro for it. The upcoming physical game is currently available for pre-order. Meanwhile, to make the online version more accessible, NYT is adding it to The New York Times Crossword app.

These improvements to the user experience are pulling more people toward Wordle. According to NYT, ten percent of active players globally have played 145 or more games of Wordle by the end of July 2022. Of course, the company is benefitting from this popularity. It recently reported that Wordle brought tens of millions of new subscribers to NYT.

Along with Wordle, The New York Times Crossword app also offers several other addictive games. The aforementioned three — The Crossword, The Mini, and Spelling Bee — are available to play within the app. But it also hosts some web games such as Vertex, Tiles, and Sudoku. You can click the button below to download the app from the Google Play Store.

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